Tierney Real Estate Property Management 


Investing in your property should be stress free, profitable and exciting when it has been done well.
Tierney Real Estate has developed a unique system for the leasing and management of residential property to maximize your property’s potential.
We will deliver you with the comfort and confidence you want as an investor, whether you are a first time investor and or a multiple owner.
Making the right choice of a Property Manager can make a world of difference.


Maximizing Your Return
It is not to just lease out your property; it is to deliver the best rental return to maximize your asset.

Attention to Detail
A leaking tap can cause damage over time. A missed termite inspection can lead to nasty infestations.
An unreturned call can lose a quality tenant.
Tierney Real Estate will sweat the small things so none of this happens to your property.

Finding Your Ideal Tenant
We carefully evaluate all applications so Tierney Real Estate can recommend the very best tenant for your property.
Quality tenants are vital to ensure the condition and value of your property.

Looking for Your Tenant
Once we have selected the best tenant we make sure that they also enjoy a quality experience inside your property.

Managing the Process with Care
Tierney Real Estate looks after the property as if it were our own.
We are very particular when it comes to tenant selections, supplier quality, regular inspections and legal documentations.

Available rental properties

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